Erik started his professional career as a constable with the National Police. After working for 10 years in law enforcement, he developed an interest in real estate. He obtained his real estate agent license and was sworn in as a real estate agent at the court in Assen. Erik transitioned from the police force to the municipality of Groningen, joining the Real Estate department within the Planning and Economic Affairs division. Within the municipality of Groningen, he undertook various responsibilities, including the purchase and sale of lands and buildings. Additionally, he worked in a project group to develop the industrial areas of Driebond, Eemspoort, and Rengers. After approximately 8 years, Erik joined DTZ Zadelhoff.

During his 19 years at DTZ Zadelhoff, Erik gained extensive experience in real estate. He is a familiar figure to many local Northern entrepreneurs and has been involved in various real estate transactions, ranging from commercial properties to dairy factories. In addition to transaction advisory, Erik is an officially certified Register Appraiser, registered in the Real Estate Register. He is frequently called upon by the court as an expert in real estate matters.

Erik is registered with the Foundation for Real Estate Certification (Stichting VastgoedCert) as a Registered Real Estate Agent under number V397965554, and with the Dutch Register of Real Estate Valuers (NRVT) as a Registered Appraiser under number RT 361421780.

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