Leasing & sales

NEXTFUND advises on leasing and sales processes on behalf of landlords and asset managers. Our portfolio is selective. This enables us to provide care and quality to our clients. Our goal is to bring transparency into markets and to contact users of commercial buildings.

Our transaction process consists of the following stages:

  • Analysis of the property
  • Produce a unique marketing program and action plan tailored to the type of property
  • Implementation of the marketing plan
  • Result, negotiation and commitment.

Throughout this process we use our extensive business network. During the process there will be continuous coordination with our client.

Office space

Business premises


Social property


NEXTFUND advises on the acquisition process regarding investment properties and portfolios. We carry out an analysis of the real estate, test market conditions such as rental price and yield and we advise on the feasibility of your investment. NEXTFUND can also provide a valuation. The entire due diligence process is carried out by us. Eventually, we will execute a legal and commercial closing of the transaction.


In recent years, our team has been involved in the (re)development of real estate projects in the Netherlands. We advise on land value, development opportunities, future cash flow modelling, and (re)construction costs. We also advise on the content of purchase agreements.

Online sale

Selling on the internet is a transparent, efficient and accessible process. Via a digital dataroom all relevant legal, architectural and financial object information is gathered. NEXTFUND provides all the amenities that are necessary and desirable for the digital sales process. We invite interested parties through various channels to participate in the online selling process. We use our own business network and a unique database of investors and users. Our clients can digitally monitor the entire sales process.

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