Erik Paas RM RT

Erik started his career at the police department. He developed interest in real estate and is a chartered surveyor and real estate broker. In 1990 he started his real estate career at de municipality of Groningen, where he bought and sold industrial properties for the municipality.

In 1998 he started at DTZ Zadelhof v.o.f. as a real estate advisor. He has a broad expertise in real estate, an experienced valuator and is hired by the court on a regular basis. Regarding the huge financial interests in real estate in 2004 the Stichting VastgoedCert was founded and in 2014 the NRVT was founded. Erik is a member of both foundations.
+31 (0)6 13641000

NEXTFUND Vastgoed Adviseurs B.V.
Emmaplein 4
9711 AP Groningen

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