Auric Geerligs RM RT

Auric started his career in the finance sector. After a few years he switched to real estate. After a period of more than 10 years at DTZ Zadelhoff v.o.f. Auric fownded his real estate advisory firm. In 2015 he took een next step by founding NEXTFUND B.V. and he became a member of NVM, The NVM badge is a guarantee of quality in the Real estate business in the Netherlands.

Because of his fiscal education with broad financial and real estate knowledge, he looks at real estate from different perspectives. Within NEXTFUND Auric is primarily responsible for valuations and advice. Regarding complicated real estate issues, he has much experience. Due to the huge financial interests in real estate in 2004 the Stichting VastgoedCert was founded and in 2014 the NRVT was founded. Auric is a member of both foundations.
M +31 (0)6 20749002

Emmaplein 4
9711AP Groningen

T +31(0)50 76 76 100